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   This website came into being primarily as a place to share my photos of the Cumberland area and trip reports from railfan outings. It was inspired by Matt Reese's truly brilliant Northern West Virginia's Railways website - a favorite of mine ever since I discovered it.

   With the abundance of photo sites nowadays appearing on the web,'s focus has changed. This site tries to provide railfans with useful information, historical and current, to plan and take along on trips to the area. It is left to the reader to judge on the success of this endeavour, and to provide suggestions for improvements.


   The Mountain Sub is arguably the most interesting, difficult to railfan, and thought-provoking of the three subdivisions radiating out from Cumberland. Primarily a coal hauler today, it had mainline status until the 1980s when most overhead traffic was diverted to the Keystone Sub.

   It was the "West End" (as the Mountain Sub was formerly called) that spurred my interest in the railroads of the area, so the name isn't coincidental.

The Future

   I am currently working on a railfan guide to the Keystone Sub which will be posted on this site upon completion. Additionally, more photos and information will be brought online in the coming months.

Technical Stuff

   All images on this site are my own unless credited otherwise; the maps are based on railroad maps downloadable from the Library of Congress web site and topographical maps from Topozone.

   All artwork and scan retouching was done using The Gimp, an extremely powerful, and free, graphics software.

   The photo galleries are driven by Dan Lowe's neat MiG software - a very versatile and easily customised PHP program.


   If you have comments, suggestions, corrections, or just generally want to chat mountain railroading, please feel free to drop me an email at <>.

   You might also want to consider joining one or all of the mailing lists mentioned on the links page.

   Meet you trackside!

Photo by Jeff Knorek
(c) 2001 - Markolf Gudjons
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