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  • History of the B&O (John F. Stover)
      ISBN: 1557530661; Conscise, "white collar" history of the B&O.

  • The Great Road (James D. Dilts)
      ISBN: 0804726299; Meticulously researched account of the first 25 years of the B&O.

  • Impossible Challenge II (Herbert H. Harwood, Jr.)
      ISBN: 0934118221; Hard to find, covers the B&O in the Baltimore - Washington - Harpers Ferry triangle.

  • B&O - East End (Hollis/Roberts)
      ISBN: 0-934118-19-1; Comprehensive history of what today is the Cumberland Sub.

  • B&O - West End (Charles S. Roberts)
      ISBN: 0-934118-20-5; The definitive work about the Mountain Sub. This book is now back in print.

  • Sand Patch - Clash of Titans (Roberts)
      ISBN: 0-934118-18-3; History and operation of the Keystone Sub.

  • Chessie System Cumberland Action (Biery)
      ISBN: 0-9657709-3-1; Pictorial covering mostly the Keystone Sub.


  • Into the Alleghenies Vols. I-IV - Pentrex
      Very thorough look at operations on Cumberland (Vol. I), Mountain (Vol. III), and Keystone Subs (Vol. IV), as well as Cumberland Terminal Sub (Vol. II).

  • CSX Mountain Sub - Pentrex
      Covers modern operations on the Mountain Sub. Solid Pentrex quality, lots of runbys, a little thin on operations; also available as DVD.

  • Trains Hot Spots - Sand Patch - Kalmbach
      Less thorough but somewhat more "artsy" than the Pentrex tapes. Interesting intro to the Keystone Sub; instils appetite for more.

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